Frog Souls


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based in Melbourne, Australia


Release date: December 2017


Platforms: App Store, PC




"Frog Souls" is a retro arcade / rpg game depicting the adventure of a sword wielding frog who is awoken and sent on a quest. With simple gameplay and an immersive atmosphere, the player could experience the tense action of duels and the quiet moments between. 


This is the second iOS game of Tristan Slywa and the first to be a paid App. Preferring the simpler gameplay and art of older systems like Commodore 64 or NES, with the atmosphere and ambient sounds of modern titles, each game and idea prototyped got him one step closer to finding his style; using minimal controls with a vibrant atmosphere. In Frog Souls, these elements work together to create a sense of immersion and accessibility for the player. 



- Hours of gameplay and secrets

- Cool hats, weapons, and powerups! Customise your character

- No two runs will play exactly the same

- Die / retry! Keep your powerups and items as long as you have life

- 20 unique enemies, 4 unique story bosses and 4 unique hidden bosses

- Side Quests and rare items, even after hours of playing

- Original soundtrack and SFX

- Equip rings to change gameplay, unlock areas...

- Find friends to fight alongside you

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The music of Frog Souls is done by Tristan who also makes albums of relaxed, atmospheric textures and melodies. These can be found here and are free to download. 

About FABA

Faba is the alias of independent game developer Tristan Slywa. Amongst most projects he strives to give the player a memorable gameplay experience with a specific audio visual presentation. He is keen in finding the audience that enjoys this specific style and design. 

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